Thursday, August 19, 2010

What Do You Put In Your Trout Fishing Tackle Box?

Determining what it is that you need to bring with you and pack inside your fishing tackle box is a lot more simple than it may sound. First, ask yourself exactly what it is that you will need to bring in order to ensure that you enjoy your trip. It is usually as simple as that. If you are gearing up to go trout fishing, there are a number of different pieces of tackle that you can bring with you. Of course, you will need a fishing rod. For a beginner, you may want to start with a lighter action rod and reel combination. This will give you just enough versatility as you gain more experience.

Lighter rods will usually serve rather well when you are fishing for trout. That is unless you happen to hook a fish that is somewhat large on the end of your line! Even so, you will want to avoid the temptation of running out and purchasing the extra light fishing reels as this could be just as bad.

You will also want to purchase a variety of lures to bring with you in your tackle box. Start with purchasing some rooster tails and try to keep the colors rather basic. You won’t need any bright, over the top colors at this time.

Consider sticking to standard colors like silver and white as these are the familiar colors of the baitfish that trout are accustomed to hunting. Don’t forget your fishing hooks! Keep them as small as you possibly can when fishing for trout as hooks that are too large can tear through a trout’s mouth.

Some anglers also tend to bring along corn, worms or cheese as bait. Surprisingly, all three of these work exceptionally well when it comes to trout fishing. Consider this when packing your tackle box. Try out different baits and methods through fishing games to stay on top of your game.

Always remember to have some bobbers and sinkers on hand as well. These will come in handy for when you are deciding which form of fishing you want to do that day. You should also always have with a few fishing flies on hand but only a few.

Other than your basics, you might also find that you need things such as sunglasses and snacks for when the afternoon rolls around. You may also need a pair of pliers and cutters to cut your fishing line and extra hooks will usually come in handy as well.

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