Friday, August 27, 2010

Early Spring Bass Fishing Lures

Once the bass season begins in the spring and begins to get underway, using the absolute best fishing lures possible is the most important part of your approach. Each of the lures outlined here are extremely effective for fishing for bass in a lake. The more practice you can get with any of these baits, the better success you will have in your bass fishing. You can practice your skills and technique outdoors and on online fishing games during the offseason.

  1. Crayfish: Imitations of crayfish come in many different varieties throughout the spring and each one of them is effective. In still to slow moving waters, a rather slow crankbait is a great lure. If the current is minimal, soft crayfish plastics are perfect for catching bass in the spring. The key is to recognize how live crayfish look to the fish. A crayfish that might be fleeing will jump and swim backwards when something startles it. This would mean you will need to mimic this action with your retrieve.
  2. Crankbaits/Crayfish Colors: Red, dark red, black or brown colored crankbaits that act like baitfish are perfect early spring lures for bass fishing. If they are retrieved in the correct manner and quickly through shallower waters with rocky floors, these baits will work the best. Because bass like to go for crayfish colors in the spring, a lure in these colors could work quite well even if it doesn’t resemble a crayfish exactly. This is particularly true once the temperature of the water rises as well.
  3. Spinner Baits: Once the water in the lake you are fishing in warms up, you will find that the bass are reacting more and more to spinner baits. These lures are also great for finding spring bass that are feeding on a particular body of water. Spinnerbaits that are fished through and over brush are a wonderful technique that can be used all throughout the year. However, the absolute best time for these baits is during the summer.

Each of these early season bass fishing lures will most assuredly help you in order to catch a significant amount of springtime bass. Be sure that you add each and every one of these lures to your fishing gear collection as soon as you possibly can. Any serious bass angler should always have a few of these baits in their tackle box, particularly once springtime rolls along. Be sure to practice with your lures and watch the bass just flock to your line.

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