Monday, October 31, 2011

Musky Fishing Essentials

Fishing for musky is very intense. Musky’s also known as muskellunge is a big strong predator that is very mean looking and full of fight. Here are a few things you need to know to be successful in hooking and landing one.

The musky’s mouth is long, going back as far as the middle of its eyes. It is also like a duck’s bill but full of sharp teeth. This means that you need to use steel leader to prevent the fish from biting off the line. It also means you need to use a larger fishing hook size and hook that is very sharp.

Muskie’s are usually solitary hunters that tend to stay in the same area. They are also large fish. Most muskies caught are in 7 to 15 pound range and two to three feet long. It is not uncommon to hook a 20 pounder, which means you need to fish with heavy fishing line and a heavy duty rod and reel. The bait casting style of reel is the most popular for musky fishing.

Musky’s generally like to hunt in shallow, heavily vegetated areas that are less than 40 feet deep. They rarely leave these areas. They swim though the dense vegetation looking for their prey. If there is a shortage of food in these areas they have been known to inhabit deep water that lacks vegetation, but only if there is abundance of prey. A good set of fishing maps will help you locate the areas in a lake where you will find musky’s.

Bag limits and possession limits vary from lake to lake, so are sure and check the fishing regulations for the area you want to fish.

Musky fishing games, out of all fishing games, are some of the most favorite of the online fishing games.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Deep See Fishing Equipment

It seems that every method of fishing has its own specialized equipment; but then isn’t that what makes it more fun? Deep sea fishing, like all fishing games requires its own equipment because of the nature of the fish and the environment where they live. Here are some of the important components.

The deep sea fishing rod is a heavy duty rod. They are usually short, only about 5.5 to 6.5 feet long. It takes a lot to bend one of these rods, but there are many fish in the sea capable of bending and even breaking these rods. A wild 1200 pound Blue marlin has the ability to damage almost anything.

The deep sea fishing reel must also have some unique characteristics. It must hold a few hundred yards of heavy weight line. In the ocean a fish may run for miles. The boat should be able to keep up with the fish, but sometimes fish move faster and change directions quicker than a boat. The reel must be able to apply many pounds of drag in order to tire out these strong fish. Using mechanical advantage is the only way to land a fish that is five times bigger than you are.

Deep sea fishing requires the use of a large fish hook size. Big fish, with big mouths, need big strong hooks. Live baits are also large to attract the fish’s attention.

The best fish lures are those that are good sized and brightly colored. They also must have a good action in the water to encourage the fish to chase it. A large assortment of size, shapes, and colors will help when the fish decide to be fickle.

There are some days when the fish are so fickle that nothing will make them strike. These are the days to enjoy the boat ride and play online fishing games.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Boat Winter Maintenance

When winter rolls around and the lake freezes over or it gets too cold to fish out of a boat, its time to put the boat up. But don’t just sit around playing online fishing games; this is the perfect time to get your boat ready for next spring. Here are a few things you can do so you don’t have mechanical down time when you should be out fishing.

The first thing you should do is change the oil in your boat motor. Clean oil helps keep your motor running clean and smooth. Also replace the oil filter, if it has one. Then replace the fuel filter and drain the fuel tank. Plugged filters only cause headaches.

Make sure the propeller is in good condition and the nut holding it on is tight. Next replace the spark plug. It may last longer than one year but why chance it. For winter storage take out the battery or batteries if you have a separate one for trolling. Store the battery in a warm place on a piece of wood. Never story a battery on concrete or dirt.

Go over the outside of the boats hull and repair any nicks or dings. Auto body putty works well or any other epoxy based filler. Then go over every nut and make sure it’s tight. If it’s loose make a note to check it in the middle of next summer to see if it’s still tight or if there is some sort of problem.

If you thought about adding any new toys to your boat this is the perfect time. You may consider installing a Blue Ray DVD player so you can watch fishing videos or movies when the fishing slows. You may even consider installing a Wii system so you can play all fishing games that are available.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tips for Fishing in the City

Those fishing fanatics who want to fish every free moment of every day sometimes get frustrated. Life and commitments won’t allow them to leave the city and go out to their favorite lake or river; however, there are plenty of lakes and ponds that are full of fish because people don’t consider fishing in them. Here are some tips for fishing in the city.

First check the local park fishing regulations to see if there are any special rules. Sometimes cities have their own fishing rules that apply in addition to the state regulations. If you can speak to a park ranger or a person in the parks department you can get an idea of what kind of fish have been stocked and how often the lake has been stocked. After you have discovered this information a trip to the local bait and tackle shop can teach you want kind of bait most people use. If you fly fish, they can also tell you what flies are effective. They may even have fishing maps so you can learn the terrain of the lake.

Armed with this information, get your gear and go fishing on your lunch or you can take a walk around the lake and survey the sights. If the fishing is worth it at all someone or several someone's will be fishing. Stop off and ask these folks about the fishing. They can give you more information. Ask them how often they fish, what they catch and what they use for bait. Then, just for fun, ask them for some spring bass fishing tips.

Now you’re ready to fish. But if the fish aren’t biting, there is always some excitement to be found playing online fishing games. Fishing games can give you the thrill you’re looking for when you can’t get to the water.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Where to Locate Bass in fall

Fall Bass fishing is some of the best Bass fishing. The cooler temperatures activate their systems and they need to eat more often. This is wonderful for the fishing enthusiast, but hard on the Bass. Here are a few places you can find Bass this time of year.

The large mouth Bass this time of year are spending most of their day in the shallow warm water. The sun warms these areas faster and creates the ideal temperature. In these shallow water areas there is also a lot of food.

Bass like to hide out and locate their meals. The Chad that feed on the aquatic plants is moving through the grassy weedy areas. Bass are looking for places to hide in these areas. Bass love to hide behind rocks, in fallen submerged trees, in tree roots, and other places they can find. These areas can be hard to cast too, but the best fishing lures are weed less which helps.

It is also helpful to buy fishing maps of the lake where you choose to fish. These maps help you locate the good hiding places.

Another helpful tool is the fish finder. Bass are solitary hunters. When you find a single fish in an area full of downed timber or where there are lots of roots it will most likely be a Bass.

In lakes where there isn’t any good cover Bass are forced to chase down their prey. They do their best hunting by staying at different depth than their prey. Once they spot their food they raise up or down to get them.

Fishing for Bass is one of the fun parts of fishing. It is a game, maybe the most fun of all fishing games. But if the day is slow and you aren’t doing well, try playing some online fishing games.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bass Fishing Equipment

Bass fishing is one of the most fun and interesting hobbies. If you have never been Bass fishing you owe it to yourself to try it out. However, like all fishing games, it does require some equipment you may not have. Here are some of the items you’ll need.

First you need a rod and reel. There are two primary styles of reels, a bait casting reel and a spinning reel. Most of the Bass fishing is done with bait casting reels. It is a heavy duty reel. It holds a heavy weight line and allows you to put many pounds of drag on the line to tire out the fish quickly.

A spinning reel is a light weight reel. It generally uses lighter line and puts less drag on the line. However, the spinning reel requires more skill and finesse. You can’t just muscle in the fish. You must play him, fight him. You pit your skills against the fish’s response.

After you decide which reel you want to fish with you must decide which rod to get. The bait casting reel fits on a bait casting rod and a spinning reel fits on a spinning rod. However, most manufactures make a bait casting and a spin casting rod for each type of rod they make.

Next you will need an assortment of sinkers and hooks. One of the better sinkers is the Strike King Tour grade Tungsten weights. They come in black or green pumpkin colors and from 1/8 oz to 1 ¼ oz to meet all your needs.

There are several great hook manufactures, but Gamakatsu makes some great weed-less hooks. Weed less hooks are really great at preventing snags while fishing in the weeds and grass. They also come in several sizes so you can always use the right fish hook size.

If you watch a person fishing on a Bass fishing video you’ll get a feel for what equipment you will need.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Odd Ways to Fish

There is a saying that necessity is the mother of invention. This holds true in fishing as well, as a result, there are many odd ways of fishing. Most of these methods have been dreamed up for people who are fishing for food, or who enjoy fishing games.

It is important when you decide to try an odd way of fishing that you check the local fishing regulations first. Game wardens are not impressed with creativity.

In the south, jug fishing is popular. Tie a ten foot line with a weight and hook, onto an empty gallon milk jug. This makes a good fishing rig. If you paddle out in a canoe or flat bottom boat you can fish with 20 or so jugs all thrown out around the boat.

When a fish takes the bait the jug will start to move away. All you have to do is chase it with the boat and grab the handle of the jug. To real it in, hold the handle and wrap the line around the jug. Jug fishing at night is a fun pastime. If fishing is slow you can always play online fishing games.

Another odd way of fishing is fishing by hand. Catfish noodling is another example of such fishing.

Fishing for Buffalo fish by hand is quite the challenge. It is doable mainly in shallow rivers by standing in the water with your feet spread apart, bent over, and your hands in the water between your legs. Along the bottom of the river, pour a can of corn between your legs. When the fish come to eat, grab them by the gills.

Another odd way to fish is with a bow and arrow. You can mount a fishing reel on the front of the bow. Next tie the line to the back of the arrow. You can fish in shallow lakes and river for Catfish, Carp, and Buffalo fish. When you see one you shoot it with the arrow and then reel it in.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Massive Fish Kills Nature or Concern

This year there have been a large number of massive fish kills occurring all over the world. It seems every month or so we read about another huge number of fish dying for no apparent reason.

There was a report of the death of thousands of fish in LakeMichigan. There were many different species all at once. It was laterdetermined it was the VHS virus.

Then there was an enormous fish kill at the mouth of the Mississippi river resulting in acres of dead fish of all species. It was first attributed to the BP disaster, but was later determined to be caused by low tides and high temperatures resulting in a lack of oxygen.

In southern California millions of dead sardines filled a harbor. It was a stinking mess and a huge loss of natural resources. This too was blamed on lack of oxygen.

Up in the ChesapeakeBay there was the death of millions of croakers, another huge loss. This was blamed on a fast drop in water temperature resulting in stress and death.

At first glance these fish kills look like they are cause by natural events. In nature sometimes adverse conditions make disastrous results. But when you look closer at the causes of the deaths, another story appears.

The VHS virus, the fish equivalent of the Ebola virus had to be transmitted by something. It seems an ocean going vessel brought the virus to the lake.

The fish that died of lack of oxygen died in areas where man has not been kind to the environment. Likewise with the temperature changes, man is destroying the environment resulting in some strange environmental changes which result in deaths in fish and other inhabitants of the earth.

If man doesn’t change his ways, fishing as we know it may be done. Therewon’t be fishing contest. The only fish many will see will be on fishing videos and online fishing games.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Walleye Fishing Gear Essentials

Fishing for walleye can be a fabulously fun experience. They fight and run and dive making it quite a fun fishing game. However, because of their nature, you need to have the right fishing gear. Here are some of the essential gear you need to be successful.

The first thing you need is a good strong rod. The Abu Garcia Veritas rods are exactly what is needed for walleye. These light-weight rods made from graphite Nano technologies are super strong but very light weight.

The Veritas rods come in moderate fast, fast, and extra fast action depending on your preference. They are made to handle heavy line, up to 25 pound test, and have titanium ally guides with premium SIC inserts. They also have strong secure reel seats that can withstand serious pressure.

Next you need a reel, a strong dependable reel. The Shimano Cardiff is just the right reel. It has four ball bearings plus one roller bearing for a smooth retrieval. It is made with a die-cast aluminum frame and aluminum spool that holds 250 yards of 14 pound test line. The Cardiff is also equipped with anti-reverse and a variable brake system so you don’t lose your fish.

Strong fishing line is the next thing you’ll need and Spider Wire Stealth Braid is made for the job. A 15 pound test line made with Teflon pressure treatment will hold on to any walleye you can hook.

A walleyes favorite meal is the yellow perch and one of the best fishing lures is the Jackal Giron jointed Tan fish swim bait in the RT Ghost Bluegill coloring. The coloring and shape resemble a sick or wounded fish and the walleye can’t pass them up.

You also need to bring your smart phone so you can call your friends when you catch a big one or play online fishing games, especially shark fishing games if the action is too slow.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

International Fishing Spots-Amazon

The world is huge and water covers almost 3/4 of it. One of the largest fresh water fishing rivers is the Amazon River. The amazon is the second largest river in the world with only the Nile being longer. But, unlike the Nile, the Amazon is navigable with ocean going vessels for 3000 miles. This makes it possible to have an amazing fishing adventure.

The mouth of the amazon is huge. It forms an estuary that is 150 miles wide. This estuary dumps between 9 million and 32 million gallons of water per second until the Atlantic. It also dumps tons of silt which forms islands. One island, Marajo Island, has an area of 14000 square miles.

The fishing is excellent all up and down the amazon. There are well over a 1000 different species found in the river. Some of the fish are crazy man eaters like the red bellied piranha.

Some of the fish are huge. The largest known fresh water fish is the Pirarucu. It can grow to 15 feet and weight over 400 pounds. The Pirarucu is a type of boney tongue fish. It is huge, long, heavily bodied with giant scales. It has long dorsal fin and anal fins on the back half of its body. This makes it a powerful swimmer that can chase and eat other fish. It also makes a spectacular fish to catch. On top of that, it tastes wonderful.

A unique type of piranha is the Tambaqui. The Tambaqui only eat plants, leaves, fruits and seeds. It is a good fighting fish that is about three feet long and weighs 60 pounds.

To get a good idea of the amazing Amazon fishing, watch a fishing video. A video will show you the various fish and fishing styles. If you enjoy fly fishing and fly tying, fishing for the peacock bass is incredible.

There are also several online fishing games that highlight fishing on the amazon.