Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Walleye Fishing Gear Essentials

Fishing for walleye can be a fabulously fun experience. They fight and run and dive making it quite a fun fishing game. However, because of their nature, you need to have the right fishing gear. Here are some of the essential gear you need to be successful.

The first thing you need is a good strong rod. The Abu Garcia Veritas rods are exactly what is needed for walleye. These light-weight rods made from graphite Nano technologies are super strong but very light weight.

The Veritas rods come in moderate fast, fast, and extra fast action depending on your preference. They are made to handle heavy line, up to 25 pound test, and have titanium ally guides with premium SIC inserts. They also have strong secure reel seats that can withstand serious pressure.

Next you need a reel, a strong dependable reel. The Shimano Cardiff is just the right reel. It has four ball bearings plus one roller bearing for a smooth retrieval. It is made with a die-cast aluminum frame and aluminum spool that holds 250 yards of 14 pound test line. The Cardiff is also equipped with anti-reverse and a variable brake system so you don’t lose your fish.

Strong fishing line is the next thing you’ll need and Spider Wire Stealth Braid is made for the job. A 15 pound test line made with Teflon pressure treatment will hold on to any walleye you can hook.

A walleyes favorite meal is the yellow perch and one of the best fishing lures is the Jackal Giron jointed Tan fish swim bait in the RT Ghost Bluegill coloring. The coloring and shape resemble a sick or wounded fish and the walleye can’t pass them up.

You also need to bring your smart phone so you can call your friends when you catch a big one or play online fishing games, especially shark fishing games if the action is too slow.

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