Thursday, October 6, 2011

Massive Fish Kills Nature or Concern

This year there have been a large number of massive fish kills occurring all over the world. It seems every month or so we read about another huge number of fish dying for no apparent reason.

There was a report of the death of thousands of fish in LakeMichigan. There were many different species all at once. It was laterdetermined it was the VHS virus.

Then there was an enormous fish kill at the mouth of the Mississippi river resulting in acres of dead fish of all species. It was first attributed to the BP disaster, but was later determined to be caused by low tides and high temperatures resulting in a lack of oxygen.

In southern California millions of dead sardines filled a harbor. It was a stinking mess and a huge loss of natural resources. This too was blamed on lack of oxygen.

Up in the ChesapeakeBay there was the death of millions of croakers, another huge loss. This was blamed on a fast drop in water temperature resulting in stress and death.

At first glance these fish kills look like they are cause by natural events. In nature sometimes adverse conditions make disastrous results. But when you look closer at the causes of the deaths, another story appears.

The VHS virus, the fish equivalent of the Ebola virus had to be transmitted by something. It seems an ocean going vessel brought the virus to the lake.

The fish that died of lack of oxygen died in areas where man has not been kind to the environment. Likewise with the temperature changes, man is destroying the environment resulting in some strange environmental changes which result in deaths in fish and other inhabitants of the earth.

If man doesn’t change his ways, fishing as we know it may be done. Therewon’t be fishing contest. The only fish many will see will be on fishing videos and online fishing games.

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