Monday, October 17, 2011

Where to Locate Bass in fall

Fall Bass fishing is some of the best Bass fishing. The cooler temperatures activate their systems and they need to eat more often. This is wonderful for the fishing enthusiast, but hard on the Bass. Here are a few places you can find Bass this time of year.

The large mouth Bass this time of year are spending most of their day in the shallow warm water. The sun warms these areas faster and creates the ideal temperature. In these shallow water areas there is also a lot of food.

Bass like to hide out and locate their meals. The Chad that feed on the aquatic plants is moving through the grassy weedy areas. Bass are looking for places to hide in these areas. Bass love to hide behind rocks, in fallen submerged trees, in tree roots, and other places they can find. These areas can be hard to cast too, but the best fishing lures are weed less which helps.

It is also helpful to buy fishing maps of the lake where you choose to fish. These maps help you locate the good hiding places.

Another helpful tool is the fish finder. Bass are solitary hunters. When you find a single fish in an area full of downed timber or where there are lots of roots it will most likely be a Bass.

In lakes where there isn’t any good cover Bass are forced to chase down their prey. They do their best hunting by staying at different depth than their prey. Once they spot their food they raise up or down to get them.

Fishing for Bass is one of the fun parts of fishing. It is a game, maybe the most fun of all fishing games. But if the day is slow and you aren’t doing well, try playing some online fishing games.

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