Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Boat Winter Maintenance

When winter rolls around and the lake freezes over or it gets too cold to fish out of a boat, its time to put the boat up. But don’t just sit around playing online fishing games; this is the perfect time to get your boat ready for next spring. Here are a few things you can do so you don’t have mechanical down time when you should be out fishing.

The first thing you should do is change the oil in your boat motor. Clean oil helps keep your motor running clean and smooth. Also replace the oil filter, if it has one. Then replace the fuel filter and drain the fuel tank. Plugged filters only cause headaches.

Make sure the propeller is in good condition and the nut holding it on is tight. Next replace the spark plug. It may last longer than one year but why chance it. For winter storage take out the battery or batteries if you have a separate one for trolling. Store the battery in a warm place on a piece of wood. Never story a battery on concrete or dirt.

Go over the outside of the boats hull and repair any nicks or dings. Auto body putty works well or any other epoxy based filler. Then go over every nut and make sure it’s tight. If it’s loose make a note to check it in the middle of next summer to see if it’s still tight or if there is some sort of problem.

If you thought about adding any new toys to your boat this is the perfect time. You may consider installing a Blue Ray DVD player so you can watch fishing videos or movies when the fishing slows. You may even consider installing a Wii system so you can play all fishing games that are available.

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