Sunday, September 12, 2010

Home Made Lures for Bass Fishing

Creating your own bass fishing lures has many advantages. Not only is it easy on the wallet, but it also allows you a way to customize and tailor your very own lures any way you see fit. All you need in order to get started are pliers, lure making wire, rubber spinner skirts, inline spinner bodies, buzz bait blades, beads and rivet collars. Making custom fishing gear can also be an enjoyable experience.

Begin by holding an 8 inch piece of wire between the jaws of some needle nose pliers. The wire should be held no more than an inch from the end of the wire. Slide a hook onto the end of the wire.

Turn the wire around the hook and pliers with another pair of needle nose pliers, forming a loop. Pull the loose end of the wire up beside the main part of the wire and bend it around, closing the loop and securing the hook and remove your pliers.

Now you will slide a rubber skirt onto one of the inline spinner bodies onto the wire along with one or two of your colored beads right after. This will add some weight onto your bait when casting and help it sit in the water when you are retrieving.

Take the wire and bend it about three 3 inches above the loop in the end of the wire that you just made. Use your pliers to bend it down to form a half inch wide U-shape and measure a quarter of an inch down that shape from the bend. Now bend it out at a right angle.

Finally, measure around an inch and bend the wire once again with the pliers so that it now points downward. Put a buzz blade on the free wire end pointing down and follow it with a rivet collar. Be sure that the wide, flat rivet end is right next to the blade. Bend the wire just below the rivet at a right angle in order to finish the buzz bait. Trim the wire a quarter of an inch below the rivet and your lure is complete.

Making your own lures is rather simple in the steps that it takes but it can take a bit of practice and finesse in order to master it. Stay patient and keep practicing and before long you will have caught your own fish with your very own lure. This can make fishing even more fun.

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