Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fishing For Crappie Using Flies

One of the most captivating kinds of fly fishing is crappie fishing. When it comes to crappie fishing, both dry and wet flies are perfect for catching your fish. Dry flies work best on days that are rather calm, still or sunny. Once insects begin to hatch, smaller surface feeding fish are great candidates for using your dry fly. As long as you are sure that the color of your fly is similar to the natural prey that the crappie are feeding on, these flies should have no problem helping you with your crappie fishing duties.

You will also notice that you get the best results when fly fishing if you are using streamers and nymphs. Both of these lures are fished beneath the surface of the water. On days when the weather or water seems a bit rough, these are the perfect lures to pull out of your arsenal.

During the spring, crappie will begin to head for water that is shallower. Unfortunately, this means that they will usually be more easily spooked. If this is the case, using a fly is optimal due to its lightness in weight as this will mean it will cause less commotion while also appear lifelike.

On the hot summer days, try either wading or boating in order to fly fish. Find your way into areas of the lake that are dense with weeds, brush and other vegetation as this is where crappie will tend to linger in warmer weather.

Never be too anxious to catch a fish, however. Crappie are smart animals and they will often nudge or brush up against a fly before taking a bite so that they can determine whether or not the bait is worth a try. Wait until you are sure that you have a fish on the line before you set your hook.

Fishing during the night for crappie can also be another exciting form of crappie fishing. Use a latern in order to attract mosquitoes which will also attract insect hunting baitfish. You can also float or submerge a waterproof light in order to ensure that you are attracting both crappie as well as baitfish. You can fish at night from shore, a boat or even from the edge of a dock and still have success as long as you have a light source along with you to attract what attract your fish.

On days when you are unable to make it out to the water, try out some great online fishing games to keep you entertained.

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