Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What you Need to Start Fishing

Many people are confused as to what sort of equipment they will need to have on hand for their first initial introduction into the world of fishing. Fishing gear is an important part of the sport as the quality and types of pieces of equipment can directly lead correlate with your success as an angler.

The first step in acquiring the right kind of fishing gear is knowing what kind of fish you will be fishing for or at least a group. If you are deep sea fishing for large tuna, you will certainly need different equipment than if you are fishing in lakes for trout. However, for now we will assume you are beginning with smaller fish such as trout. In this case, you will want to look at rod and reel combinations such as the Zebco 33. This is a rather inexpensive set that will get you accustomed to your new sport without breaking the bank. This set also comes with some 10 lb test fishing line and this will be appropriate for smaller fish up to around 7 pounds.

The next items you will need to acquire are some fishing hooks. Choose live bait hooks in sizes #8 to #6 along with some rigs, and weights between 3/8 of an ounce and ¼ of and ounce. These pieces along with some live bait such as nightcrawlers should have you in rather good shape for some beginning fishing.

If you would prefer to start out using artificial bait, you will also want to begin with a set of 1/0 hooks as well as some 3/16 weights. If it is crappie, bass fishing or perch that you are looking to reel in, then start out with some smaller chartreuse and white jig heads that are similar in color to grubs.

Over time, as you become more familiar with the processes and procedures of fishing, you will find that your choices in lures and other equipment will evolve. However, for now, these pieces will get you accustomed to your new hobby. In the mean time, you will also find it beneficial to read as many books, articles and magazines pertaining to fishing as you can get your hands on. Learning about a sport that is new to you whenever you can will help you become more efficient, faster. In no time at all, you will impress your friends with your new skills.

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