Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Basics of Fly Fishing

The great thing about fly fishing is you can participate in the sport almost anywhere there is water. Regardless of whether you are fishing in fresh or saltwater, all you need to know is how to categorize your water into: cool water, warm water and cold water.

There are many different species of fish that you can aim for when fly fishing such as salmon, trout, perch, steelhead and pike. Regardless of which kind of fish it is that you are looking to catch, you will inevitably need some bait and fishing reels to lure them to you and ultimately into your boat. Because of this, your first effort should be concentrated on getting the perfect bait.

Typically when fly fishing, fishing gear such as artificial flies are the lures that are used and selecting the perfect fly for your specific situation can be a challenge at times as many elements need to be taken into account. However, with a little research into the area you are to be fishing in as well as the knowledge of what kind of fish you want to catch, choosing a lure can be easy for an employee at a bait store to help you make your decision.

You should always familiarize yourself with a number of artificial flies as it is extremely important for you to know for sure whether or not the fish you want will be enticed by your selection. If you wind up catching a fish but it is the wrong kind, this could be detrimental if you had been in a competitive tournament of some sort

Attain as much knowledge in regards to the everyday habits as well as the dietary needs of the species of fish that you are attempting to catch is imperative to your success as a fly fisherman. If the species you are interested in only feed in the shallows and you are trolling the depths, this could be the only reason for your frustration. Knowledge is power, especially when fishing!

Choosing the fish you would like to catch is all about personal preference. If you like to eat salmon or trout than chances are you have an interest in catching these species yourself. Never fish for a certain species without a valid interest in why you are looking to catch them. Unless of course you are prepared to return them to the water unharmed. Always be extremely quiet when fishing. The fish may be under water but they can hear commotion and sense disturbances in the surrounding water. Fish cautiously and always with someone else.

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