Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Beginners Guide to Ice Fishing

Don’t put off catching that prized trout or trophy walleye until the spring. These bass fishing tips will have you planning your fishing on ice. Literally! Ice fishing can be extremely rewarding as well as exciting. It will have you praying for ice and snow every year once you come home with a few giant fish.

When planning your first ice fishing experience, there are a few things you need to prepare for before taking off. The first piece of information you will need to be aware of is how early it is in the season. Which kind of fish are you attempting to catch? What kind of bait and fishing gear are you going to need to have with you and how to you intend to keep warm?

Safety is also an important factor, particularly if you are planning your trip later in the season, in the early spring. Before ever walking on ice, you must first always determine that the ice you are about to set foot on is at least four inches thick. Checking ice reports in the area before you set out is a crucial part of ice fishing if you are being properly cautious.

Always have a checklist of everything you intend to bring with you so that you can double check to be sure you have everything you need before you take off. Having a thorough checklist of your day can mean the difference between a pleasant, smooth trip and a frustrating one.

Ice fishing houses are available in some places for a little added comfort as you ice fish. Whether you decide to bring a portable shack yourself or have the opportunity to rent on, this is one element to your ice fishing trip you will definitely want to consider.

No matter what the shack may look like, these cozy little shelters can be a luxurious advantage when fishing in extremely cold conditions. They not only provide added warmth, but also shelter from any possible winds that could make fishing downright miserable.

Ice fishing is extremely popular in some communities and the surrounding towns could potentially have a wealth of knowledge and fishing tackle tips that they could provide an angler that is new to the world of fishing on ice as ice fishing is certainly another productive way to pass the time during the winter months. Trophy fish never need to wait to be caught until the weather warms up. You just need to get onto the ice and get to work!

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  1. Jorgoin
    Ice fishing is something I have never tried, but what you say it could be awesome. I have fished in the winter time and found that it can be really bad cold especially if you are not dressed for it--- but when you are talking about ice well that is all together a different story. Enjoyed the post.