Friday, December 3, 2010

Successful Walleye Fishing

Getting the hang of becoming a successful walleye angler can be rather difficult as these fish are extremely skilled at avoiding capture. Walleye are referred to as short-strikers, meaning they have the ability and skill to remove your bait from the hook and get away both unhooked and unnoticed. This is largely attributed to their unique ability to take in the hook along with the surrounding water through their gills. Once you twitch your lure, they breathe in and let the hook escape right back out. Minus the food. One of the best walleye fishing tips you can ever choose to commit to memory is how to avoid this exact scenario. However, it is simple. Be patient and wait a moment before you decide to set your hook.

When walleye fishing in the summer in relatively deep water, it is usually ideal to wait to begin your fishing trip until the evening when it is dark. Once it is evening, the water temperature will start to cool which signals the walleye to begin heading to the water’s surface in order to feed. Keep in mind, however that it is extremely difficult to catch walleye and successfully release them due to the extreme changes in depth as well as temperature. The fish are simply not equipped to make the adjustment quickly enough to fully recover.

Walleye are a species of fish that are somewhat low in energy even during the peak months of spring and summer. Because of this, fishing for walleye using slower techniques that you might normally incorporate during the winter is ideal. Fish slowly by trolling at a slower speed as well as retrieving carefully using slow, gentle pulls until the fish is close enough for you to get into the boat.

If you happen to be fishing in a lake that is rather shallow, it is always best to begin fishing the areas that are filled with plenty of weeds and grasses as these are prime hiding locations for these fish. The weeds also serve to provide them with added oxygen which is essential to fish as well as air breathing mammals. With a little bit of added knowledge, the challenge of walleye fishing lessens as you perfect your techniques and approaches according to the differing weather conditions and particular temperament of the fish at these times. Always have extra pieces of fishing gear on hand as it is rather easy to lose pieces in the dark as well.

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