Sunday, December 19, 2010

How To Smoke Fish

So now that you have gone fishing and caught your fish you are ready to fry them up the same old way you always have while wishing that you knew how to smoke your fish instead. In order to smoke fish, you will need to stock up on a few pieces of equipment such as a Big or Little Chief smokehouse. Once you have this, the sky is the limit.

* Begin by sectioning the fish, splitting it along the backbone. Remove as many smaller bones as you can along with any ragged edges and blood. Now cut the remaining pieces into small chunks and rinse.

* Either purchase a pre-made brine or you can create your own by starting with warm water in a ½ quart. Dissolve either your own seasonings or that of the brine into this water and then add another ½ quart of water that is this time, cold. Place the chunks of fish into the mixture and submerge them completely in a bowl that is either stainless steel or glass. The bowl should never be aluminum. Let the chunks soak in your refrigerator between 4 and 6 hours for chunks that are rather thin and 8 to 12 hours for thicker chunks. You can cut the soaking time down significantly if you meat had been frozen as this helps the meat to absorb much more quickly.

* After they are done marinating, remove the pieces from the brine and rinse them once again in cool water. Put them onto paper towels in order to pat the pieces dry. Leave them sitting to air dry for at least an hour before putting them into your smokehouse.

* Now load the fish pieces onto the grills of your smokehouse and place the racks in, closing the lid. Plug in the cord to the smokehouse and you are almost finished.

* Fill up the flavor pan that comes with your smokehouse and place it into the door of the heating element. A pan that has enough fuel will begin to smoke in as little as 20 minutes, lasting around 45 minutes. It will take around two or three rounds before the process is complete. You will then want to empty out the pan and put it back into the door so that you can just use the heat of the smokehouse to complete the process of curing.

On days when you are unable to make it out to the water, try out some great online fishing games to stay sharp. It is also a very good idea to keep on top of your fishing gear tips to make sure your experience on the water is with the most appropriate equipment.

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