Sunday, December 26, 2010

Winter Bass Fishing Using Jigs

One of the most reliable lures that can be used for bass fishing in the chill of winter is that of the jig. These pieces are ideal for use in water that is extremely cold regardless of whether or not it is muddy or clear. This comes in rather handy being that the bass you are after at this time will undoubtedly be holding to virtually any cover they know. Jigs are considered presentation lures and the secret to using them is to make them appear as authentic to natural prey as possible using a rather slow presentation.

Jigs come with one hook attached to their solid, lead-headed bodies. A tiny trailer or skirt is affixed to the hook in order to catch the attention of nearby bass. Provided that you have adequate weed guards, these lures can be used in even the densest vegetation as they flawlessly make their way into the difficult to get to areas in a subtle way.

Many different kinds of weights can be used in conjunction with jigs also. You will want to make sure that you experiment with plenty of different styles and sizes so that you can ultimately decide what works best for your style. If you are fishing in clear water, you will need lighter fishing gear including line and weights. If you are fishing in darker, muddier water, you will then want to turn to heavier, sturdier equipment.

Always keep in mind that the goal when choosing weights is to select the absolute lightest weight you can possibly get by with. Since this can be somewhat of a challenge if you are not already out on the water, you may want to have many different weights with you so that you can switch on a moment’s notice if you need to do so.

When fishing using a jig, you will want to act as if it is drop bait. Once you feel that your weight has touched the bottom of the lake, you will then want to tip your rod and start reeling in the remaining slack. Once you have done this, very carefully draw back on your rod so your lure can drop another time. Once you feel any kind of sensation on your line, which is most likely a fish bite. You will now want to immediately set your hook and slowly reel in your line. Chances are, you will be greeted on the other end with a nice bass.

On days when you are unable to make it out to the water, try out some great online fishing games to keep yourself entertained and your skills sharp.

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