Thursday, December 23, 2010

Crappie Fishing At Night

Fishing for crappie at night is an effective method for catching a great deal of fish as it somehow seems to be more productive once the sun has gone down. What distinguishes crappie from other species of fish is their sight. Crappie have the ability to see in color quite well. Knowing this can help you use it to your advantage when you are fishing for these critters one evening. Here are some fishing tips to start you off on the right foot.

· Be sure the bait you have is lively

If you are lucky enough to have access to a live well then you wont have any problem with this. However, you can purchase an aerator for around $20 that will keep your live bait on their toes.

· Determine your fishing spot

Use a topographical map, fish finder or a nice looking crappie hideout in order to plan where you intend to fish once the sun has gone down. If there is a location with adequate cover, this could be a great area to begin, particularly if there is still bait fish in the area.

· Use a lamp or a flashlight in order to attract smaller baitfish

With the use of a green light that is submerged beneath the water, you will be surprised how many baitfish will come right up to your boat. This, in turn, will attract the crappie as where the food goes, the predators are not far behind. Try and get a light that you can submerge at least five feet as this will provide you with a much better shot at attracting crappie in the dark.

· Use chum in the area you are fishing

In addition to bringing your fishing gear for crappie fishing you must also bring chum. The use of rather small bait fish such as minnows and bait fish that are cut up into small pieces and then tossed into the water will create a smell that will be irresistible to crappie. Once you have set up your light and have your chum in the water for around 30 minutes or so then you can begin fishing. Start with your bait around a foot above the floor of the lake. Gradually raise your lure foot by foot until you begin getting some bites. Once you start getting your bites you will now know where your fish are holding at. You will then be able to catch a remarkable amount of fish.

In addition to fishing, you can try out some great fishing games to keep yourself entertained during the times when you cannot make it out to the water.

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