Sunday, January 23, 2011

Crappie Fishing in the Winter

Many seasoned crappie fishermen mistakenly believe that catching crappie in the middle of winter is absolutely impossible. While this may be the case for a less adventurous angler of the north, it simply is not for the one that will face the fish head on through the ice. If these anglers have the ability to hook crappie below a frozen surface, then it isn’t very hard to imagine that the crappie anglers of the south need only a select few crappie fishing tips in order to reel these swimmers in as well.

If you are looking to experience some winter crappie fishing in the south, the first thing you need to be sure to do is to glance along the creek and river channels for anywhere that might appear to be between 15 and 30 feet deep with a depth finder. You will also need to be aware of any brush or vegetation along these channels. If you happen to detect any areas fitting these descriptions, this is where you will want to begin fishing for your winter crappie.

Landlocked anglers can also be in a position to catch winter crappie as well. The only difference is that it will require a little more dedication and effort. The first step of fishing from land is to scout out any marinas that might be in the area. As soon as you have found one, determine whether or not that marina also has slips that are over rather deep water. If you have a portable fish finder device, you may want to test it out at this time. Be sure to look for any drop offs from the banks to the slip since this will be the place you will want to look for the crappie.

Also, if you happen by a structure over the water such as a bridge, this can be another perfect hiding place for these fish at this time. The best bridges you will want to fish for crappie around are the ones with piers or parts that extend out into the actual water itself or along the edge of a channel. As soon as you have decided on a promising spot, begin with some jigs or minnows, dropping them into the water at different depths. Thankfully, crappie feed as hungrily during the cold winter months as they feed in the springtime. Since this is the case, remember to fish slow enough to feel their light bites.

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  1. I am in the crappie as much as you are. Good information you put into this post. I will heading to Mississippi to crappie fish next week and will be fishing some brush in the 20 ft. range. I hope to do a post on it the later part of the next week. Enjoyed the post.