Monday, January 17, 2011

Fishing Paradise is as Close as Ontario

The fishing opportunities that you can find in Ontario are so numerous that some lakes and rivers have never even had the company of a human being. Even so, no matter how many rivers, creeks, streams or rivers a single angler could try to fish here, it is literally impossible for one fisherman to visit each and every one in just one lifetime.

This is the attribute that makes Ontario one of the planet’s most sought after fishing destinations for avid anglers all over the globe. Because of this, there are a number of outfitters situated here that are ready and willing to show you the fishing experience of a lifetime as well as seasoned and experienced guides, and a variety of choices in lodgings in case you are looking to stay for a while.

The North Eastern part of Ontario would likely appeal to the fisherman who doesn’t mind sharing his experience with others as this is the region that is less remote then some of the others. Regardless, don’t be surprised if you find yourself the only soul on the entire lake you choose to fish on even here.

Eastern Ontario is overrun by a vast amount of rivers, canals and lakes. Any angler who knows this area already likely comes here for the beautiful scenery as well as Rideau Canal’s sparkling waters. Being able to get to this are, however, is no easy task since not many fishing locations here can be accessed by a normal road. But what you can expect to find waiting for you once you make your way is plenty of walleye, bass, pike and muskie.

Ontario’s Southwestern region is another great destination for the angler looking to share some experience with the locals other fishermen as this spot is a great place for tourists. In fact, Southwestern Ontario is considered the wine country and besides having great wine, the fishing here is great for catching salmon, walleye, smallmouth bass, and trout.

If you are looking for an exciting place to spend your vacation, Ontario has something for not only the avid angler, but the entire family as well. If you find that you need to get out into the woods and get in some quality bass fishing while forgetting about the daily grind, all you need to do is pack up the family and head for Canada. Don’t forget your fishing gear! You are going to need it.

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  1. Jorgoin
    This is one of my life long dreams ---to fish in Alaska, and Ontario. I watch fly fishing shows in Ontario-----Seasons's on the Fly, and the New Fly Fisher, the places they are fishing in awesome. Enjoyed the post.