Monday, February 14, 2011

Bass Fishing for Everyone

Each and every day it appears that more and more Americans are taking more of an interest in bass fishing than one might expect. Nearly any river, lake, pond or stream you can imagine has seen its fair share of anglers in search of some good bass fishing. It’s no wonder so many of the avid fishermen have handed down their love for this sport.

Right now, bass fishing happens to be the top freshwater sport in all of America. As a matter of fact, the entire industry has grown so much in the last ten years that it is seventy percent higher than all other forms of freshwater fishing.

So what is all the hype about fishing for bass? First of all, this is one outdoor sport that nearly anybody who sets their mind to it can have a chance at being able to compete professionally at it. This is not the case for everyone when it comes to other sports such as baseball, football or basketball. Yet as long as an individual decides to dedicate enough time and patience into practicing the necessary techniques of bass fishing, it is possible for them to become rather successful regardless of their age, body type or whether or not they are male or female.

There are also many opportunities for fishing careers if the angler decides to dedicate their life to fishing. A successful fisherman can choose to become a fishing guide on chartered boats, a retail
fishing gear salesman, participate in professional tournaments and competitions, and many more different kinds of careers that focus on fishing.

In fact, more and more females every year that are beginning to take more of an interest are also beginning to take more of an interest in fishing as a full time career. Whether they have started out by taking a class in order to learn how to fish so that they can teach their children or be able to participate with friends who fish, many fishermen are actually fisherwomen now. In an industry that has long been thought of as a man’s activity, women are slowly beginning to understand what all the fuss is about and happily accompany their male friends on their fishing trips.

Children love to fish as well, sometimes seeming more enthusiastic about it than even the most seasoned angler. As soon as they catch their first fish they are immediately hooked on the thrill of the rush of accomplishment and being able to participate in what might often be considered a sport only for the adults. So the next time someone asks you to go bass fishing with them, see for yourself what all the excitement is about.

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  1. I need to get my wife to read this post. She fished with me before we got married and a few years after marriage, but she lost interest after we had kids. I am hoping after she retires she will get back into fishing with me. Thanks for the post