Monday, February 21, 2011

Which Bait is Best?

One of the most complex decisions an angler needs to make is which kind of bait is going to be the most likely to catch him or her the most fish. After all, the entire purpose of bait is to catch the attention of a hungry fish with the promise that it is merely a harmless piece of food. This means that having the right bait can mean catching as many fish as the angler sets out to catch.

Fishing bait comes in the form of artificial baits, live baits, and dead baits. Learning to use each form of these baits comes with experience and some would say gut instinct. Here are some fishing tips as well as some basic descriptions of all of baits so that you can decide for yourself.

Live Baits

Obviously, these are baits that you use that are alive when you are using them. These can be in live creatures such as blood worms, smaller fish, nightcrawlers, crawfish and more. Usually whatever the locals are using and having success with will usually be the best choice for fishing in that particular area.

Many fishermen choose to save some money by catching their own bait with their own fishing gear such as nets or other traps. However, the bait shop in your town can help you to select the proper bait for the season that you are fishing in.

Dead Baits

Dead baits are similar to live baits with one rather obvious difference. These baits are dead. The selection of dead baits is exactly the same as the live baits but choosing to go the dead bait route will mean that it is less spendy and much easier to store for a day of fishing.

Some of these baits are best fished whole if you are looking to catch large fish, however, bait that is cut up into chunks is usually going to get you more of a reaction as the odor of the cut bait will make its way throughout the water and attract any hungry fish that might be in the area.

Artificial Baits

These baits are neither dead, alive, nor natural in any way as they are made artificially to look like the live baits that you might normally buy. These lures are baits such as topwater plugs that are made to mimic the look of an injured fish. The industry of the artificial baits is always coming out with newer versions of lures that keep promising to catch you more and more fish. However, many anglers consider them less effective than actual, natural bait.

On days when you are unable to make it out to the water, try out some great online fishing games to keep yourself entertained and your skills sharp.

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