Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fishing the Shad Run

Each year during the spring, all along the coast of the Atlantic, shad fishermen everywhere get their fishing reels ready for thirty days of prime shad fishing. This is extremely exciting as there is only one month out of the year that the shad will run on any river along the Atlantic.

The baits as well as the rigs used at this time will work the same regardless of what river you are fishing on. Colors such as various shades of pinks, greens, whites and yellows among other combinations will usually be quite effective when fishing for shad. For the fly fisherman, a good sinking fly on a properly weighted fishing line will be ideal, particularly if the colors are either silver or white.

Whichever river you will be fishing on, the shad will always be found heading upstream. Rivers that have areas with violent rapids or dams will usually have schools of shad waiting in nearby pools for the spawn. If one is lucky enough to happen upon one of these pools, this angler could easily reel in over a hundred fish in a matter of a few short hours.

If you are using spinning gear while shad fishing, all you need to do is be sure to cast either across the current or upstream in order to ensure that your bait sinks properly. Most fish will strike as soon as the bait begins to sing or immediately following your first twitch of your line. Keep in mind, the stronger the current is that you are fishing in, the heavier jig you will need to use.

Some local bait stores around rivers containing shad will often have specialized fishing gear for shad anglers. You may even be lucky enough to run into a guide in the area that can offer some helpful fishing tips before you head out. However, many times the only element that you need is to just get your bait into that water.

If you are considering a shad fishing trip, be sure that you look up some of the bait and tackle shops in the area and call ahead of time before you set out. Not only will they be the most likely resource to tell you where the shad can be located that day, but they will also be sure to set you up with the exact fishing gear that is necessary for catching them.

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