Monday, April 11, 2011

Fishing In New Locations

Do you find yourself fishing in the same spots over and over? At some point, you became familiar with these locations and decided that is where you will stay. However, now you are looking to branch out. But how is it possible to successfully catch fish in a spot that you are unfamiliar with? Below are some fishing tips that should be able to point you in the right direction:

  • Start by purchasing a quality chart of the place that you will be fishing. If it is inshore, the chart will be helpful for navigation. If you are offshore, you will notice that many bottom contours, GPS numbers as well as any wrecks are marked on plenty of fishing maps.

  • Be sure to stop by a nearby bait and tackle store and ask the clerk a few questions. Make sure that you stop by later in the morning when they are less likely to be busy. Let them know that you are brand new in the area and they will happily mark up a chart for a potential new customer.

  • Once you have your fishing chart, be sure that you take the time to sit down and study it carefully. Locate where the channels and cuts are on the make as well as any humps or deep holes appear to exist. Take note of where any flats are that are likely to empty into a channel during low tide. Studying these charts will help you with eliminating larger areas of water that are less likely to have as many fish. In almost any lake or fishing location there is a great deal of water that is rather unproductive to spend time fishing in. Using the chart to determine the best possible areas will save you a great deal of time.

  • Be sure to check what the tides will be on the particular day that you are planning to fish. You can also ask the clerk at the tackle shop this information as well as their opinion of which ones should be fished.

If you want to invest the money, you can always hire a professional fishing guide as well. Guides will be able to show you first hand exactly where the prime fishing holes are as well as what tides are the best to fish and which bait you will be the most successful with.

On days when you are unable to make it out to the water, try out some great online fishing games to keep yourself entertained and your skills sharp.

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