Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fishing For Sea Trout

Sea trout are recognized for their predictable habits. One of the best and most well known of these habits is their tendency to linger in the same places year after year. This means that if you happen to catch one in one particular area, you will likely find more sea trout in the same place on that same tide again after again. With habits like these, it should be pretty easy to catch some fish as long as you know what you are looking for.

While the places that these fish linger will be different depending on which country or state you are doing your fishing in, the good thing is that their patterns will still always be the same. Whether you are fishing off the flats of Texas or in an oyster creek located in Georgia, sea trout will hold true to their routines so pay attention to what the circumstances were when you caught your first catch of the day so that you can repeat it.

Changes in the time of day, moon and tide are all important factors. If you happen to catch your trout when the tide is moving out or three full days before there is a full moon, then chances are that you are safe to assume that the next time those conditions are the same the following month, you will find more fish.

Most anglers will not argue that the majority of fish are opportunistic feeders and hunters. This means that these fish will usually sit, waiting for their food to happen on by them. They are also extremely territorial creatures as is usually the case with many bottom feeders. Sea trout however, are more of the hunting variety of fish. This means that they will actively seek out their prey.

And so I developed my theory of locating a secret seat rout hideaway. All you have to do is first identify the school of baitfish and determine what direction they are moving in. That is all you have to do. However, keeping your prime fishing spot a secret is a difficult task as other boaters and anglers will soon witness your success. This is why it is important to carefully log your fishing conditions on that day that you find the sea trout. The fish that hang on will return to that same exact location without the other anglers realizing this. The secret is now yours to keep and to remember for the next time those fishing conditions are the same.

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