Thursday, May 19, 2011

Golden Trout

Summer is right around the corner and for most Icast fishing anglers that means it is time to once again start searching for the Golden trout. The state fish of California, fishing enthusiasts have loved catching the Golden trout, as it has a beautiful glow to it. What’s more, the top of the Golden trout sees the fish with an olive black that blends into a crimson radiance that compliments its gold belly. Here is a guide on the Golden trout.

As fly anglers looking for a new challenge, you won’t be disappointed when you catch a Golden trout. These California bred trout, are a feisty bunch, and when you do catch one, you’ll be surprised at how big they actually are. On average, the Golden trout ranges from 10 – 12 inches and can weigh as much as nine pounds.

Where To Fish For The Golden Trout – For the most part, the Golden trout can be found in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. However, be aware, that it is easier to point out where the rivers associated with the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range are located, then actually travelling to them. Essentially, you can expect to either hike to the river or horseback, as driving your car or truck, simply isn’t a possibility. The air is also pretty thin, as the higher up the mountains you travel to the golden trout streams, the higher the elevation.

We should point, that only the most finicky fly fish anglers travel to the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, as you can find hybrid forms of the Golden trout all over the country. The hybrid versions of the Golden trout are located in high mountain lakes, such as the Utah high Uinta Mountain’s, Wyoming Wind River Range, and the Western Montana River.

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