Thursday, June 2, 2011

Carp Fishing Tips

Carp fishing is very popular among anglers worldwide. It’s a joy shared by anglers of all different skill levels. The average size of these fish can be found starting at 2ft and reach heights of 8ft and sometimes much bigger. With big fish like this out in many areas of water it’s time for you to get out and catch yourself a carp!

Crap fishing can be done during a nice summer’s day or some anglers even try their luck catching these fish at night time, both are a great experience and fun no matter what time you go. Crap mostly live in fresh water areas; however some of types of carp can be found living in salt water. Some anglers across the globe even enjoy eating crap, and here in North America this species an invasive species. These fish were brought here to control algae then escaped into local waterways and spread across several parts of North American.

In order to catch yourself a crap it is important for anglers to use the proper fishing gear. The bait used to catch these fish are mainly household food items including hot dogs, cheese, worms, corn, and prepared dough baits. You may also want to try making your own boilies using fishmeal, milk proteins, bird food, soya flour and eggs. These are all ingredients most anglers have in their homes, and making your own bait will save you money.

Carp eat by mouthing and then ejecting their food before finally swallowing. As a result of this a hair rig is often the best choice to use alongside your fishing baits. The hair rig uses a short line which is connected to the bend of the hook where your bait is placed. The fishing rig will allow for the carp to inhale the bait, and when it goes to eject it will be hooked to your line.

With all these carp fishing tips its time to go out and reel in some of your own. With so many different locations to fish for carp why not set out for an adventure this summer and fish abroad.

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