Monday, July 18, 2011

Bass Fishing Gear Essentials

A rod and reel with the correct action and balance for you alone are the obvious pieces of equipment for any fishing trip. Bass fishing always demands you choose a combination that best suits the environments you’ll be fishing in. Make sure you invest wisely and go for the best combo your budget will allow; otherwise you’ll be back for a new one before you know it.

Bass fight furiously hard to avoid the fresh air and looking at your face and most Bass fishers prefer a monofilament line over a braided or Kevlar, but it is a matter of choice to each angler. Fluorocarbon lines offer more disguise and stretch and some would argue more success when it comes to deceiving coy fish into the take. Again, it is an individual choice and you will find many answers online or at your local tackle dealer.

Learn as much as you can about the homes of Bass, even free online fishing games can inadvertently offer insights into Bass habitats.

Bass baits fall into two main categories, soft and hard. Both kinds are a must if you want plenty of action. Soft baits include: creatures, frogs, lizards, craw daddies, worms, minnows, nymphs, flies. Hard baits: include crank baits that float, sink, skim or pop along and under the surface. Also spoons and spinners, bait hooks, weights, bobbers, and extra jig heads should all be part of the same essential Bass fishing parcel.

Good quality fishing pliers and scissors kept conveniently to hand will always be handy for most angling. A landing net, old rag, pocket scales, waterproof camera, all make for safer fishing handling and memorable picture galleries.

Hydrographic maps, fishing tackle tips as well as any knowledge of new areas you plan on fishing, also raise your odds.

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