Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer Muskie Fishing Tips

The long summer nights are the best, if not the most picturesque times for any angler and for Musky hunters they can be the best memories of our fishing trips. Summer sun also brings the heat and fluctuating water temperatures as we rotate around it and that always makes a Musky feed well.

Mornings and evenings are when trolling big lures usually attract Goliath predators that hit with a vengeance. Make sure you know your fishing tackle, always use traces and play these fish so they can be released and survive.

During the heat of the day the fish can often go off feeding. Presenting lures by speeding up, slowing, down, twitching, jigging or trying toplures will encourage them to take. Strips of mackerel or herring on a bobber about one to two metres depth may be the easiest way for you to enjoy the midday heat, kick back and wait until the early evening. If you’re adamant on getting Musky on a sunny midday then look in as many locations as you know exist at your locale. Underwater islands, drop off points near weedbeds and almost any shaded area may offer Musky action.

Large spinner baits, jerk baits and bucktails get the aggressive fish. Crankbaits over 10cm and large spoons are all round best fishing lures on the Musky menu. Jigs can be lethal when all else has fails, plus they don’t get caught up in weeds as easy as other types of lures.

Check out fishing regulations on Musky species. A large landing net will always be your friend for Musky. Make sure you handle these beauties carefully and remember that a large fish can take around 15 years to attain 50 inches. Shooting a fishing video can be easier and fish friendlier than mounting a trophy fish.

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