Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Deep Sea Fishing Advice to Catch a Monster

When anglers go to all the time, trouble, and expense of planning and going on a deep sea fishing trip they become very disappointed when all they catch are small fish. At least small by deep sea standards. Most fishing addicts want to catch a fish that outweighs them by several pounds. Here is some helpful advice to be able to catch one of the big monsters of the deep.

Going on your fishing trip at the right time of the year is one of the best pieces of advice. There may be big fish there year around but at certain times of the year each species congregates in a certain place. If you go to Florida fishing there are big blue marlins there only at certain times of the year. If you go at the wrong time you have no chance of catching a monster.

In addition to the right time, you must be in the right place. One of the best ways to ensure you are in the right place is to hire a fishing guide who knows the area. If a guide has caught several large monsters over the past two or three seasons the chance of them putting you in the right area is huge. Whatever they charge, if they have a great recent track record they are worth their weight in gold.

Using the right bait is the next major piece of advice, but determining what is the right bait is the hard part. The guide you hire should be helpful in this area as well. But another way of determining the right bait is to talk to people who are catching fish and see what they are using. If they are catching big fish, even if they aren’t monsters, it is a good indication of what bait you should be using.

With all the necessary information acquired you’re ready to go trolling. A good trolling activity is playing marlin fishing games, which out of all fishing games are some of the most favorite of the online fishing games.

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