Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tastiest Fish to Eat

There are many freshwater and saltwater fish that people catch to eat. Some fish taste better than others, but even those that don’t taste the best can be prepared so they taste good. If you can go fishing here are some of the tastiest fish you can catch in fresh and saltwater.

Among the best tasting fish would have to be salmon. The King Salmon and the Silver Salmon are the best tasting salmon but even the poor quality humpback salmon is not that bad. Preparing the salmon is the key. Salmon should never be overcooked. It is better to error on the raw side than to error on the over done side. This is because salmon is an oily fish and the flavor is in the oil. Over cooking it destroys the oil and the flavor.

Steelhead trout is another great tasting pink meat fish. The taste is very similar to salmon and it should be prepared the same way salmon is prepared.

If you get a chance to go to Florida fishing you can catch some great tasting fish. Florida saltwater fishing will get you some great tasting tuna and dolphin. These have a very sweet meat for a fish. One of the best ways to fix either the tuna or the dolphin is to cut the raw fish into one inch cubes and put them in a bowl. Cover the fish completely with freshly squeezed Florida key limes. Cover the bowl and let it sit for two hours. The acid in the key limes will cook and flavor the fish. Drain off the lime juice and serve or rice or wrap it up in rice paper.

If you go to Florida freshwater fishing you can catch some tilapia. Tilapia is a great tasting white meat. The best way to serve it is to cook it on the grill and baste it with lemon juice and pepper. It is also great as a smoked fish.

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