Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Late Fall Fly Fishing Trout Tips

In the late fall when the nights are cold and the leaves have fallen off the trees the fun begins for trout fly fishing. This time of year, the bugs are getting few and far between. But here are a few tips that will help you catch fish and have fun.

In the late fall the best trout fly fishing will be on streams and rivers. The water levels are generally low and the flow is slow. It is easy to see the holes, eddies and seams. This makes finding the fish easy. It is also helpful to make mental notes of the location of these items. It will come in handy in the spring when the water is high and fast and it’s hard to read the river. You might consider make your own fishing maps.

Trout this time of year are staying in the slow water to conserve energy. They find their food floating along in the faster water. The key is to find where the slow water meets the fast water. The fish will set in the slow water and grab food out of the faster water.

Most of their food this time of year is fish eggs and aquatic bugs. The brown trout and brook trout are still spawning this time of year so there are plenty of fish eggs floating down stream from the redds. A bright orangish-red cotton pompom about ¼ inches in diameter glued onto a #12 barbless hook will catch lots of fish this time of year.

Beadhead nymphs will also catch good trout. The beadhead will provide weight to keep the fly on the bottom as it bounces down with the current. Make sure your casts are in the faster water very, very close to where it meets the slow water.

If the fishing slows down you can always play some fishing games. Striper fishing games are good to pass the time.

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