Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Six Biggest Fish Ever Caught

One of the most interesting parts of fishing is telling stories of catching the biggest fish. However, the biggest fish depends on many different variables, which is what makes the fish story interesting. Here are six of the biggest fish ever caught.

Most of the really big fish found in the ocean are sharks. These great monsters of the sea are greatly feared because they will eat a person. One of the biggest sharks ever caught was a great white shark, caught in 1964 off the coast of Long Island, New York. This monster was 17 ½ feet long and weighted 4500 lbs.

Another huge shark, a tiger shark was caught off Australian coast. This monster was caught in 1958 and weighed 1422 lbs. It broke the previous record caught in 1939 also off the Australian coast that was 1382 lbs.

There are other sharks that grow to be absolutely gigantic but because they eat plankton they will only be caught when they get tangled in fishing nets. The biggest of these is the whale shark which is the size of a very large bus. Following closely behind it is the basking shark which is the sixe of a large Recreational Vehicle.

After the sharks there are several large fish. The blue marlin may be the largest of these. In 1967, off the Kona Hawaii, a large blue marlin was caught. It weight 1100 lbs, which tied the previous record set the year before.

For those who enjoy bass fishing, there was a huge black sea bass caught in 1956 off of San Clemente California. It weighed a whopping 514 lbs.

The pacific big eye tuna is another big fish. There was one caught in 1957 off the coast of Peru that weighed 435 lbs. It broke the previous record of 400 lbs set the year before.

Catching large fish and bragging about them is one of the most enjoyable fishing games, in fact, of all fishing games, except shark fishing games it may be the most fun.

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