Monday, January 9, 2012

Winter Deep-sea Fishing

Deep sea fishing in the winter is extremely exciting because you never know for sure what you will catch or how big it will be. The thrill of the unknown also requires being prepared with an assortment of lures to meet different fishing demands.

The initial cruise out to the prime fishing areas can be long or short, depending on where you are fishing. Playing online fishing games or any kind of fishing games will help pass the time, but the sooner you get a line in the water, the happier you will be.

When using live bait be sure the fish hooks are very sharp. The marlin mouth is tough and sharp fish hooks ensure a strong hookup.

The world record permit was also caught off of the coast of Brazil in December of 2002. It weighed 60 lbs so if you are permit fishing in the flats this time of year, make sure you are using heavy tackle. If you’re using fly fishing tackle, it is very important that you have a 15 weight rod.

Winter fishing also requires the use of a fish finder. A good fish finder will help you locate big fish and show you not only the location but the proper depth to fish. A fish finder will also tell you if there is a school of fish or if there is only one or two. A good fish finder will also have fishing maps to show the location of under water structures where fish may be hiding. Black grouper like to hide in underwater structures and the world record black grouper was caught in the Gulf of Mexico off the Texas coast during the month of January. Fish finders are not only useful, but they are fun to use as well.

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