Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Winter Walleye Fishing Essentials

If you can’t get down to the warm waters of the bassmaster classic then the next best thing is to go ice fishing for walleye. Winter walleye fishing can be fun and challenging. Here are few essentials that will help make your fishing a productive experience.

The three most important things for walleye in fishing, just like for real estate, are location, location, location. Fishing for walleye in an under water structure that has drastic contour changes is the best. The structure should provide a change of at least 20 feet and preferable 30-40 feet. These are usually sunken islands or large stair steps near the shore. A good set of fishing maps will help you locate these structures under the ice.

The type of structure usually doesn’t make any difference until late winter. In the late winter or early spring the walleyes’ start looking for spawning ground. When this happens stay away from the muddy weedy structure and fish the rocks and pebbles.

Walleye will form aging areas in these distinct parts of the structure. At the tip of the structure the hungry fish will be looking for a meal of bait fish. These fish are the most active. Then there will be walleye in the middle of the structure that are getting ready to move up into feeding position. Then there are the fish at the bottom. These fish have already eaten and are sitting still conserving energy. They will not usually bite.

One you have identified the structure, if local fishing regulations permit drill 5 or 6 holes in the ice so you can access different parts of the structure. This will allow you to use one or two fishing rods to see where the fish are biting best. If you fish one hole for 10-15 minutes and don’t have a bite, move to another hole.

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