Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ice Fishing: Best Rigs for Walleye

In most parts of the US and Canada there are plenty of walleye. When the lakes freeze over in winter the walleye fishing doesn’t stop, it just changes. Ice fishing for walleye is great fun and usually simple. Here are a few of the best rigs to use.

In parts of the country where the fishing regulations allow you to use two or more fishing rods there are many options and combinations that can be used. One of the best techniques is to drill two holes in the ice about 15 feet apart. In one hole use a Dead Stick to fish a live minnow or shad. If it’s permitted use two fish hooks about six inches apart and put one two bait fish. In the other hole use Walleye Smacker by Blakemore. This rig has a Road Runner Blow Head jig on the bottom and a #2 stand out hook about 6 inches above it. On the stand out hook attach a live bait fish. Then drop this into the hole and slowly jig it at different depths. Start at the bottom and jig for three or four minutes, then move up about two feet and jig for another three or four minutes. Keep working your way up until you’re just below the surface. Using this combination gives you the best of all fishing techniques.

Another good rig to use is Patterson’s Red Tail Walleye Flasher jig. This rig has a bright color with a big eye and a bright red blade that hangs below. Jigging with this lure will attract attention in the cold water.

Rapala makes many walleye jigs that are all designed to attract walleye. If you use one of these along with live bait on a dead stick rod you have a combination that fish can’t pass up.

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