Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pre-Spawn Trout Fishing

When late winter rolls around trout begin to think about spawning. In these pre-spawn conditions trout fishing changes up a little. In order to have good productive fishing days and angler must adjust their strategy. Here are some helpful hints for this time of year.

The female trout is the one who builds the nest. They like to find shallow gravel riffles in the stream where they live. If the fish live in a lake they will be looking to leave the lake and go up a single clear water stream that enters into their lake. They begin to make this move as the water gets warmer.

This is time of year where lake fishing is most productive around the inlets. In pre-spawn conditions moving around the inlet which is where the warmer water occurs, eating food that has floated into the lake. A great way to catch the fish is to cast into the stream and allow the bait or fly to drift along the natural flow. The fish generally can’t resist and will bite quick and hard. Fly fishing in these areas can be very productive this time of year.

The trout will build her nest using her tail to move the gravel around. The nest, called a redd, will be 4-12 inches deep and 10-15 inches in diameter. They will start looking around for the right kind of loose gravel in the pre-spawn season.

The trout that live in streams, the pre-spawn season is when they move from the areas where they normally live into the shallow areas of the stream where they will build their nest. Using light weight fishing rods and salmon eggs can prove to be very productive in these shallow areas.

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