Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fall Muskie Fishing

Muskie has to pile on the layers before the winter kicks in and fall is the alarm bell for them to start hitting everything with a vengeance. However, muskie become a little lethargic in the fall and prefer to ambush large lures that guarantee the protein and fats they demand. They are not as active at chasing quick lures during this season so fishing lures slowly with a twitching action will coax them to bite.

One of the best fishing lures for fall muskie is the jerk bait. A heavy action muskie rod of around six feet and sturdy enough to cast large jerkbaits for long periods will work best for comfort and playing. The rod also works well for that little twitching jerk needed to work the lure the natural way of an injured fish.

Muskie will hit lures near the surface but blistering fall winds tend to reduce the top layer considerably and they will usually be anywhere from fifteen to five feet deep. Weather and light conditions will dictate your own tactics, as well as, determining the best colours for your lures. Darker waters demand brighter colors and clearer waters, darker lures.

Baitfish will seek the sanctuary and the oxygen richness of the dying weeds in the shallower areas of lakes. Here, you can bet your life that the muskie will be lurking close to them, where they blend in effectively with the background.

It goes without saying that muskie are ferocious game fish and their teeth cut through everything other than trace wire. Make sure to include enough and avoid regrets.

Shooting a fishing video of your trophy instead of spending money on a wall mount is fish friendlier and gives someone else a chance to enjoy the adrenalin and sport you had.

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