Thursday, September 8, 2011

Massive Fish Kills, Nature Or Concern

Hundreds of thousands of tons of fish are needlessly slaughtered each year in the waters of our planet. These are the result of many factors, but mostly it is the responsibility of the political systems around the world. Unfortunately, at the end of the day, human error, on the part of politicians is responsible for much of the waste.

Bycatchhas to be thrown back due to bureaucracy. Thankfully, there are many fishfights led by fishingactivists that are helping to make dramatic changes in the law so that wastage can be used constructively. Food for animals and fishfarming are amongst those uses, as well as plant feed and even fish sticks and other processed foods some of us enjoy.Everything from tongues, livers, skins, bones are packed with useful proteins and vitamins.

There are, of course, natural disasters that also destroy massive amounts of fish. The recent tragedy in Japan, 2011, has affected thousand of tons of fish where the waters are radioactive. Also where the dumping of contaminated water out at sea will have an adverse effect on fish living in it.

We anglers, also take home, or carelessly throw back fish that either go to the cat or end up rotting due to an element of greed or forgetfulness. When yougo fishing next, keep this in mind and be careful when disgorging fishing hooks from fish. Place your catches back gently. It will make a big difference for their survival and have a knock on effect regardless of how trivial it may seem.

Also, take what you need if you eat fish and remember that some species taste horrid over certain weights. Alternatives for fishing immortality can be better served with a fishing video, than a wall mount.

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