Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall Salmon Fishing

The questions, when do salmon run, and do they run in the fall, are asked when fall begins changing the leaves. Salmon do run in the fall and fall fishing for salmon is a fabulous experience for those who fancy fishing the lakes and the northeast rivers. The Atlantic salmon and their landlocked relatives, the Sebago Salmon is the primary salmon that run in the fall.

Every fall the Atlantic salmon leaves the ocean and travel up the rivers and streams to where they were hatched. When they arrive they spawn and then start feeding to regain their strength. Atlantic salmon, unlike Pacific salmon, don’t die after spawning. This offers some wonderful fishing opportunities.

The Atlantic salmon will strike at a number of different flies and lures. This gives you your options of choosing your favorite style of fishing. If it is a slow day, try some of the online fishing games.

The Sabago salmon live in lakes from New Hampshire to New Brunswick. Like the Atlantic salmon they spawn in the fall and don’t die. These landlocked salmon, while smaller than the Atlantic salmon, are still pound for pound a good fighter.

Using artificial salmon eggs will catch lots of fish. Any style of artificial salmon eggs will be effective. They aren’t picky at this time of year, just hungry.

Another landlocked salmon that spawns in the fall is the Kokanee salmon. These fish are related to the Sockeye. After they spawn, they die.

The Kokanee are found in many cold water lakes throughout North America. One of the more popular methods of catching these fish is by snagging. A large weighted treble hook is used to drag the bottom of the lake in the spawning beds. Before using this method, you should check local fishing regulations to make sure its legal.

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