Monday, March 12, 2012

Five Best Grouper Lures

Deep sea fishing for grouper is an exciting adventure. The best place to find groupers is to go Florida fishing out in the deep water. There are many different kinds of lures that can be used for grouper. Here are five of the best.

The Williamson Live Squid lure is a great way to attract their attention. This nine inch squid imitator uses either 8/0 or 10/0 fish hooks. The rigged model is set up with 8/0 fish hook and 6 feet of 200# test line. It has life like swimming action as it’s pulled through the water.

Mold Craft makes a lure called CastaHoo that is set up with a 1 ½ oz. 9/0 jig head and a soft plastic body that have great swimming action. This lure can be fished deep with a large sinker to get it down to the depths where the grouper are. It is made from several bright colors to attract their attention.
The new Whirligig by Shimano is a great lure to use for grouper fishing. It is designed to swim in a circular motion like a wounded bait fish. It comes in several colors and sizes so it can imitate many species of bait fish.
The Wobble Deal lure by Atom is a great grouper lure that can be fished in many different ways. It can be trolled or jigged, but fishing at 600 feet depths you will most likely jig it. It has a great wobble action that attracts the groupers attention.

Atom also makes the Vi-Ke jig. This is a great all around lure that works well with grouper as well as many other species. It has a highly polished nickel finish that creates a flash in the water that makes fish want to strike it. It is made with a red tail that helps it attract fish. It comes in many sizes from 8 oz. to 24 oz. The big 24 oz. model will sink down to the baited depths.

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