Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fly Fishing in California

The beautiful state of California has so many amazing streams, rivers, and lakes that are great for fly fishing. There are so many mountain rivers that have been deemed for hydro-electric power that in turn create marvelous tail waters for fly fishing. Here are a few great places and some helpful hints for California fly fishing.

Most of the lakes can be fly fished close to the shore. It is possible to stand on the bank and cast out or use a pair of chest waders and wade into the lake a few yards and cast out further. Using a belly boat is another great way to fly fish the lakes. The great thing about belly boats is they are easy to put into the lake and easy to take out. All that is required is a fairly shallow or gently sloping bank. You can step into a belly boat and simply walk into the lake. When it is deep enough your feet don’t touch the bottom, you float and cast for trout. If you’re interested in reading more about fishing for trout click here.

In most of the lake a five weight fishing rod works perfectly. They also work perfectly in a belly boat. To read more about fly fishing rods click here.

The tail waters below the large California dams make some great waters to catch fish. The water brings in food and other items that have been sucked out of the lake and pushed through the turbines. When it exits and the water settles down it is perfect for fish. Tail waters usually fish best with wet flies like midges. Click here to read more about fly fishing in California and other parts of the country.

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