Monday, April 2, 2012

Best Spots for Amberjack

Amberjacks are a group of fish that include pompano, greater amberjack, Atlantic horse mackerel, yellowtail, and Almaco jack. They are hard fighting and fun to catch as well as great to eat. They are found in many places where the water is warm, but here are a few of the best spots to go fishing for jacks.

One of the greatest places to fish for amberjacks is off the coast of Florida. They love the warm water as well as the plentiful food. The best places to find them are around oil rigs. Bait fish tend to hang around the rigs and so naturally the jacks are there as well. If you want to find out more about fishing for amberjacks as well as other species in Florida click here.

Kona, Hawaii, is another place to fish for large amberjacks. There have been many large jacks caught in these waters, the same wasters where you find the big marlins. Many of the greater amberjacks will tip the scales at over a hundred pounds. In these waters using squid for bait seems to be very effective. To learn more about deep sea fishing for amberjack in the Pacific Ocean click here.

Off the coast of California, there are many yellow fins. They like to spend the spring and summer feeding along the coast from about Monterey all the way down to Mexico. When the summer ends these fish leave for the warmer winter grounds, but during the summer they are plentiful to catch. They travel in schools so once you get into them you’ll catch a few, they are not large, the larger ones will go about 30 – 40 lbs., but they fight hard. Using lighter weight tackle also makes catching them very exciting. Click here to learn about the differences in fishing rods.

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