Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Best Deep Sea Summer Fishing Spots

When the hot summer days finally arrive there is nothing better to do than go out on a boat deep sea fishing. Trolling along for fish or just anchored waiting for them to come to you is a great way to pass a summer’s day. Even while you’re waiting for a bite you can be playing online fishing games on your smart phone. If you want to read more about a variety of fishing games, click here. Here are some of the top places to go out deep sea fishing.

Out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is Kona Hawaii. Summer time in these waters is when the exciting marlin fishing occurs. The warm water and the currents bring the fish in from all over. It was in May of 1982 that the record marlin was caught in these waters.

Another great place to go is Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The waters off the coast fill with fish this time of year. There are many species here from bonito to marlin. There are lots of wahoo in the region as well. The record was caught in July of 2005. Whether you stay in Cabo or Puerto Vallarta the water is wonderful in this region.

The Gulf of Mexico is another great place to go deep sea fishing in the summer. The fish is almost always biting. Some go very deep to avoid the heat. There are many species of grouper that are fun to catch in this region. The record for the grouper was caught here in May of 2002.

Up north in the Gulf of Alaska, the fishing is wonderful in the summer. When the water and the weather warm up the fish start biting. This is the best time to catch halibut, black bass, and of course salmon. If you’re interested in reading more about deep sea fishing, click here.

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