Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Best Season to Fish for Amberjack

Amberjack fishing is some of the most fun deep sea fishing there is. There are many amberjack found all over the world; however, different regions fish better during different seasons. Here are the best locations, and some of the best seasons to fish for amberjack.
The best time to fish for the yellowtail is during the spring and summer and the best place to find them is along the southern coast of California all the way down into Mexico. In the spring they move into shallow water along the rocky coast to eat some of the small newly hatched bait fish. Then in the summer they spawn along the surface of the water. If you want to read more about fishing, click here.

The winter is the best time to catch the greater amberjack out in the warm pacific regions of Hawaii. During the winter these big fish, some over 100 lbs. are in warm water looking for schools of bait fish and squid who are spending the winter in these waters. They tend to be in shallower water during the day and deeper water during the night. A good set of fishing maps will help you find the best areas. Fishing maps show the currents and the types of bottoms where the amberjack food lives. If you want to learn more about the usefulness of fishing maps click here.
The waters off the coast of Florida have wonderful amberjack fishing most of the year, but during the winter the fishing seems to be the best. Around the oil rigs bait fish feed along the metal structure and use the pipes and rigging to hide from predators. During the winter the bait fish seem to be plentiful in this area which draws the amberjack as well as other game fish in the area. Click here to read more about Florida fishing.

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