Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fly Fishing in Colorado

The Colorado Rivers and streams after all the trout spawning is finished, fly fishing really begins to pick up. Colorado is blessed with many medium sized to small sized rivers and streams that are just amazing for trout fishing. If you’re interested in reading more about trout fishing click here.

Fishing for trout on a fly rod is almost the greatest thing in the world. Down on the Arkansas River, between canon city and Buena Vista, there is a caddis hatch that begins towards the end of April in the Buena Vista area and then slowly works its way downstream to canon city. The hatch will generally make it to canon about around then end of May. During this month fly fishing is exceptional in the area where the hatch is occurring. Caddis is signaled to hatch out of their aquatic larval stage into their flying adult stage by temperature.

In the region of water were the hatch is going to occur, the cool morning begins with wet fly caddis larva. The fish go crazy for these and in the Arkansas River this means 10-16 inch fish. As the day warms up you switch up to a caddis emerger pattern which the fish are expecting and will go crazy over. Then, when the temperature reaches a perfect level the caddis hatch and completely engulf the river. Using a dry fly elk hair caddis pattern will keep them busy. However, for some there are too many caddis. You must present your fly just perfectly to the fish. You can see the fish gorging themselves on the caddis as the bug sits on top of the water waiting momentarily for their wings to dry enough for flight. If you want to learn more about fly fishing click here.

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