Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fly Fishing in Montana

Montana has been blessed with stunningly beautiful landscape that has been seasoned with trout filled water. These alluring waters are irresistible to anglers, especially those who are addicted to fly fishing. There are so many great places to wet a fly that it is hard to decide on just one. Here are a few of the best places to go trout fishing in Montana.

Going out of Yellowstone national park, the Yellowstone River boasts of beautiful trout. These big fish are almost always hungry which makes fly fishing incredible. Depending on the season and time of day nymph fishing or streamer fishing techniques are very effective. This stretch of river from the state line north through Livingstone generally fishes very well. In addition to good fishing, this part of the river flows through charming country.

Madison River is known as an amazing fly fishing river. The entire river is just absolutely remarkable. However, the tail waters of Earthquake Lake flowing down to the inlet of Ennis Lake seems to have been made with fly fishing in mind. This is midge country. The tiny little flies tied onto tiny #20 or #22 fish hooks seem to be fish magnets.

Madison River ends by merging in with Jefferson River and the Gallatin River. The largest of these three rivers forms the head waters of the Missouri river. At the contours of these rivers there is some very impressive habitat created that is home to many fish and some spectacular fly fishing , the combination of fast water and slow water along with the changing depths of water and even and island or two makes this entire area an anglers paradise. All of the different types of fly fishing may be used in this one area with great success.

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