Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spring Goliath Grouper Fishing

One of the most fun fishing trips a person can have is deep sea fishing for the goliath grouper. These big fish offer an endurance test and a technical challenge to catch them and get them into the boat. Here’s some of the best ways to go after these great fish.
The goliath grouper like nice warm deep water to live in. The deep water off of the Florida coast is home to many of these fish because of the great water, structure, and temperature. If you choose to go Florida fishing for grouper you’ll be in good company with many guides and boats for hire.
It’s best to begin the day early by going to oil rigs. The oils rigs are home to many bait fish like blue runners and hard tails. These fish are easy and fun to catch on light weight tackle like spinners and spoons. You want to fill a live well with a couple dozen of these bait fish that are between 10 and 13 inches long.
After you’ve caught your bait, which is almost as much fun as bass fishing back home, you’re ready to go out to the deep water where the big grouper like to hang out. The fish like some of the deep water areas around 650 feet. They like to hang out on a shelf and eat the bait fish that swim below them. The best way to find these areas and the fish is to use a fish finder. A good fish finder, like a Garmin, will allow you to clearly, with sharp accurate detail, see into the depths and find both the structure and the fish.

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