Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bass Fishing Tips In Fall

The chlorophyll is in its early stages in the fall and the landscape as well as the water is going through its wonderful changes. The season also brings its nuances in temperatures and bass feel it, as well as us anglers.

Tributaries and creek arms are ideal places to start searching for bass at this time of year and these areas improve dramatically towards the end of the season when bass group en masse.

Drop offs are other places to investigate for bass, so fishing maps as well as reliable fishfinders, are helpful in locating feeding bass in these areas throughout the fall.

Thermoclines are the key to fishing all species in lakes and thermometers designed for this will help find the feeding zones and should produce better catches. Cooling waters also add more oxygen towaters that in turn,make bass feed more actively.

The best fishing lures will almost accurately represent foods that the fish can fill their bellies with and pile on the extra fats needed for the approaching winter months. Small minnows, either as softbaits or epoxy minnows fished with the behaviors thatpresent them as their live counterparts. Curlytails are amongst the best bass softbaits to keep in stock.

Crankbaits in many styles and colors are obvious choices for coaxing the fish to your fishing hooks all year round. Lipless, floating and deep sinking crankbait models never fail to save any poor fishing day, so rotate them frequently.

Live baits, worms, maggots and minnows are all lethal when those feeding zones are difficult to find, so make sure there are a few varieties of floats and bobbers in your tackle box. Adjusting the depths between floats and your fishing hooks throughout yourtrip,should guarantee more frequencyand tighter lines.

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