Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How To Catch More Fish (Beginner Tips)

There are those days when tried everything you have with you and nothing is taking. It can be frustrating and tiresome not to be getting any action but sometimes all it takes is to change the speed that you retrieveyour line. Fish are triggered by anything that resembles an injured fish and therefore an easy meal. Try pausing for a few seconds with any crankbait or spoon, can often triggereven the shyest fish to feed.

Occasionally you may find that adding a marabou tail feather to a lure or crankbait, or even swapping from another fishing lure will also help get your dead lines tight again. Your hook size could also be the problem so if you feel like you’ve had a hit, but missed it, change down to a smaller size and see if it helps.

Taking an old soda bottle, cutting the top off at the neck, put it back to front in the bottle then fasten it on with string or elastic will make an excellent minnow trap. Baiting it with a few sandwich crusts or biscuit crumbs should easily catch you some live bait when all else has failed.

Worms may not be the easiest of things to dig up but grabbing a tuft of grass up and giving it a good shake will also produce fish foods between grubs and worms. Make sure you return it firmly afterwards and don’t leave your fishing area looking like a moonscape.

Understanding thermoclines is also an important factor in nailing fish on those off fishing days.There are special fishing thermometers that can measure layers for you.

Above all, be aware of your surroundings. Fish love cover so look there first and fish cautiously, even on approaching the water.

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