Monday, August 15, 2011

Crappie Fishing Gear Essentials

Crappies rarely grow heavy and your best chance for some good sport with them is to fish on ultralight tackle, be it the fly, spincast or baitcast.Pole fishing is also efficient in that it can get over the fish in their entangled habitats, thus avoiding too many snags.

Your specific for rod and reel will depend on your size and height and what best suits you and all dealers will help you with a sensible choice of these.

Lines are equally important so choose something light and as invisible to these cautious panfish. Two to four pound line is ideal for crappie but not so good for retrieving snagged fishing hooks.

A sturdy tackle box with a lot of compartments for the myriad of jigs, sinkers, as well as bobbers, floats, soft and hardbaits,is essential.

A good landing net, either handheld or with a pole, is useful, but not always needed for these small fish. You can never tell what else will take your baits when crappie fishing so it’s always betters to play it safe.

Hydrographic or fishing maps, available online, or from the locale are as good as any fish finder for locating the fish in the deep pockets, weed beds or underwater structures where they like to bide.

The usual essential items that should be packed for any fishing trip and should always include some kind of first aid for those occasional fishing hooks, bee stings etc. Waterproof matches or firelighter, a small flashlight and cell phone with signal cover, should go without saying.

Crappie is tasty fish and welcomed at any meal table, so cleaning them by the water will require a good knife and a fish scaler and can save a lot of unwanted smell and attractive home garbage.

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