Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Top Fishing Games

Some of us are probably old enough to remember the Taito classic ‘Space Invaders’. Three decades later we don’t have chunky joysticks, stamp sized pixels ormigraine inducing beeps anymore, we have handheld interactive controllers, High Definition resolution with surround sound. Indeed, much better for today’s gamers and fishers.

At some stage or another, perhaps in the weary winter months whilst pining the thaws of lakes, rivers, reservoirs, most of us have probably played one of the many online fishing games for fun, or competitively. A few fishinggames take it that wee bit further than just pressing down on the arrow keys on our keyboardsand deserve a little kudos for their efforts in delivering factually packed education to a few of us old timers as well as the newbie’s.

As you would imagine from one of the global fishing companies such as Rapala, they have been delivering fishing games for a number of years. Their‘Bass Fishing Pro’,‘Tournament Fishing’ and ‘Fishing Frenzy’ are a few of their leading titles and these are especially loved by Wii users for their interactivity where you can also use a special fishing rod and reel controller.

‘Sega Bass Fishing’, Shimano’s,‘Xtreme Fishing’and ‘Reel Fishing: Angler’s Dream’, are also amongst the best for interacting, tactics, excitement and all those details that help us tie into more action when keeping it real.

For those of us who prefer to stay away from the virtual fishy worlds then board games such as the, ‘Hey That’s My Fish!’ and the Monopoly styled ‘Lunker Lake’ are top entertainers during those stormy times that keep our fishing hooks out the water.

Today’s games still hold addictive qualities for young and old alike but they can never replace the reality of our beloved sport.

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